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    Analysis on the Challenges of China 's Computerized Embroidery Machine in the Future

    1, capital security
    Capital chain is to maintain the development of enterprises an important lifeline, capital disruption often seen as "blood cancer", in the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, many former all-powerful business failures, and the old giant crashing down the culprit is Its weak capital chain.
    The current Chinese embroidery machine manufacturers to maintain their own capital chain is still difficult in the economic form of good, embroidery machine demand period, in order to expand market share of enterprises competing through price cuts, installments and other means to snatch customers, seemingly selling hot, But the actual situation is that most of the profits of enterprises are long in the form of arrears; the same time, enterprises through the bank loans, spare parts after the first purchase to maintain the normal operation of funds. The overall look at the development of the industry is disordered, blind, weak corporate funds chain In the face of a global economic crisis, due to bank tightening monetary policy, coupled with parts suppliers no longer allow manufacturers to credit funds, a small embroidery machine manufacturers collapse Inevitably happened.
    The fact that we, simply through the price competition to capture the market is tantamount to poisoning thirst, embroidery machine manufacturers want to continue to develop on the one hand to try to improve the rate of return to maintain the normal operation of the company's funds; the other hand, enterprises should actively develop new products , And continuously improve the value-added products, and gradually get rid of the low-end market vicious price competition.
    2, overseas market development and after-sales service
    09 Chinese embroidery machine sales to achieve adverse economic growth so that many companies have been a valuable rest time, but the analysis of the main reason for the improvement of the market is the Indian market hot, and now the Indian market is quite like a few years ago Keqiao, embroidery machine mainly used Do fabric processing, the quality of embroidery requirements are not high, but the price factor is more sensitive. For this reason, most of the domestic embroidery factory products can meet the needs of Indian customers, a large number of domestic embroidery machine crazy influx, quickly filled with this emerging market. But the Indian market and Keqiao market is different, the former market demand by the local political and economic policy is very large, the current sales momentum can continue for how long it is not known.
    In addition, the high cost of overseas products after-sales service is also China's embroidery machine exports to India, a disadvantage. Although the Chinese embroidery machine exports to the Indian market has all kinds of unfavorable conditions, but it is undeniable that the current domestic embroidery machine can not meet the overall performance of high-end market demand situation, and actively explore such a new Indian low-end market is a good choice.
    3, after the Indian era of product positioning
    Market demand to determine product quality and grade, in Keqiao, India such fabric embroidery market, the user's product quality is not high, embroidery machine quality does not need well. With the saturation of the existing market, looking for new low-end cities will become more difficult. The future of China's embroidery machine industry to develop must re-positioning its product market, the backbone of enterprises should be early to enter the high-end clothing market to prepare, and can not wait until the market is fully saturated and then pay attention to product quality problems. Product quality improvement is not a matter of time, need long-term adherence and accumulation, do not attach importance to product quality enterprises will eventually be eliminated by the market. (Case: China TV industry, the content slightly)
    4, counterfeit products malicious competition
    Most of the domestic large and medium-sized computer embroidery machine business on the market fake and shoddy products abhorrence, these fake and shoddy products manufacturers through the renovation of the machine, the use of low-cost low-quality parts, installation of counterfeit electronic control system and other means to create a low-cost embroidery machine crazy invasion Regular embroidery machine manufacturers market share, on their business caused great pressure. Quotes are not good when this pressure is particularly prominent, the backbone of enterprises due to higher operating costs, living pressure is generally larger, and those who do not abide by the rules of business days better than. In addition, the fake embroidery machine regardless of life or reliability are not guaranteed, the machine once the failure of the interests of customers can not be protected in emerging markets such as India, these fake and shoddy products and regular products quite a long time, the past will inevitably damage the Chinese embroidery machine The overall image of overseas, weaken the overall competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.
    (1) brand strategy (to distinguish between market positioning)
    First-class enterprises to sell standards, second-rate enterprises to sell brands, third-rate enterprises to sell products. Due to the lack of independent technological innovation, homemade embroidery machine homogenization of the trend is serious, and the backbone enterprises are forced to price pressure to purchase relatively inexpensive parts, so that their product quality can not be improved, the product can only be sold to OEM In the low-end market, the majority of Chinese enterprises have long been able to rely on domestic labor cost advantage to obtain the end of the industry profits, its products in overseas markets do not have enough competitiveness and awareness, naturally can not get rid of counterfeit products malicious competition.
    Enterprise brand is the key product quality is excellent, remember at the beginning of the year Zhuji conference Chen has always said: "In recent years, our backbone enterprises in the variety of expansion done homework, but the parts processing accuracy, assembly technology, production Management and not much improvement, "If the domestic embroidery machine in the early stages of development with low cost and superior market ability to follow the success of the low-end market, then want to get rid of the price competition, in the high-end market achievements It must be from the parts processing accuracy, machine assembly process and other key technologies to start, hard training business strength, and truly create a world-class high-end products.
    (2) industry alliance
    At present, most of the embroidery machine backbone enterprises generally believe that to put an end to the vicious competition within the industry, the government and industry associations can play a greater role, all manufacturers should also respond positively. If you can form an alliance between enterprises in the industry, through the development of industry standards, law enforcement agencies to increase counterfeit products to crack down on local governments to provide financial support to key enterprises and other means for the formal business to create a good living environment, then the Chinese embroidery machine Industry will be more healthy development, the future is likely to emerge like Tajima, BEHRINGER as an international well-known brands.
    (3) continuous technical innovation
    Continued technological innovation is also one of the main means of getting rid of fake and shoddy products from malicious competition. As long as profitable any new technology or new products are difficult to avoid being copied, through legal means can partially curb the occurrence of this situation, but can not be completely avoided. But the new technology is also the need for time plagiarism, if the backbone enterprises can pay more attention to new technology development, non-stop new products come out, I believe that the living space for the counterfeiters will gradually shrink.
    The above four points is the future of China's embroidery machine business development may face challenges, any of which is not just one or two business problems, all the backbone enterprises need to unite to jointly cope with the challenges of industrial upgrading, the Chinese embroidery Machine industry from big and stronger, and ultimately get the industry win-win situation.